How to Become an Expert Certified in AIS Certification

Advanced information security certification was started during the year 2001 and it is offered from the security university. This certification is from HP and come under the advanced level certification category. This certification will not suit best to the candidates who are in the beginner level in information security field. This certification can be certified from any part of the world and successfully certified candidates will gain credentials on advanced level of understanding on operating system, security components for meeting up of demands in business and designing etc. Candidates need to have adequate knowledge on security concepts for gaining the advanced security certification.

Prerequisite’s required for AIS certification:

There are some prerequisite’s required to the candidates in order to achieve the AIS certification. The foremost prerequisite required from the candidates is that they need to have at least one year of work experience technology solution as well as handling support in networking environment of the business class field. Another important prerequisite is that candidates should have attended minimum of eight classes in AIS roadmap and also pass on the examination in each course. Successful completion of eight classes as well as its examination will give the prerequisite title to the candidates for AIS certification. The following are the eight examinations where candidates need to take up the examinations for certifying the AIS certification and they are:

1) VPN security and network firewall
2) Computer incident response and forensic investigation
3) Applied architecture security
4) PKI 2: PKI exposed
5) Network penetration security methods
6) Applied network security policy
7) Instruction detection version 2, monitoring the systems
8) Patch management, incident responses and virus analysis

All these examinations can be taken by the candidates in any order and it is up to candidates wish regarding the exam order. Total cost for the certification will be approximately 2500 USD where it does not include tax and any other discounts. Once all the examinations are completed, candidates will be achieving lifetime valid with this certification and no recertification is necessary.

Tips to Get a Place in Top Computer Forensics Schools

Pursuing career in computer forensics is not as easy as just going into a college, get a degree and get a job. If you think that way, then you will not be able to get a high-paid job. I am sure everyone likes the sound of “high-paid job” but do you have what it takes to get what you like? One simple way to ensure you getting “high-paid job” is by getting into a top school. So, how are you going to do it? What do you need?

First of all, you need to have interest in this field. The importance of interest lies in doing what you like and liking what you do. If you do not like computer or any of the application at all, you will not excel in the courses. College entrance requires you to send in your resume and if they see that your hobby is more to drawing, dancing, singing or swimming instead of what they expect such as playing computer games, developing computer systems, playing Sudoku which develops the ability to be analytical or repairing computers; the chances of you getting into one of the schools has already been reduced to 50% only.

Second of all, you will be required to have high scores in your SAT Reasoning Test especially in the Maths section. Having a lot of mistakes reduces the chances of the college entrance. Therefore, ensure that your Maths and Science subject is good and as much as possible get a distinction in those two subjects. Without being able to excel in both subjects, it will be impossible to excel in the degree courses as well thus will reduce the opportunity to be accepted in top schools.

Finally, ensure that you have the skills to play around with the software, hardware and understand the function of every electronic devises that is normally involved in investigating crimes. To test your skills, try to pick up any spoilt electronic devises such as a computer or a digital camera. Try understanding them and repair them with the guide from any books available to you. If you find yourself having the patience to repair it until it is functioning well, then congratulations to you because you know you have the skills. But if you find yourself not having the patience to repair and instead wanted them to be easier, then you know that you do want to repair, you just want to be a superman who can do everything. Wanting to become a superman will not ensure you entering a top school but being a superman will.